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Montana RV: Decals

With summer bidding travelers to pack-up and seek adventure, there’s nothing like some Detailing to put a spark in your ride! The Spokane Shop was recently privileged to get a new project to work on, the road trip’s best friend – the RV. The customer who came to our shop was looking to put a new face on their family’s RV. The old design was flaking and the warranty didn’t cover it. The Spokane Shop gets a lot of similar requests from people who were let down by the warranty of their RV/car/motorcycle/boat they bought in regards to the decals. Seeing the need to create a peace-of-mind warranty, The Spokane Shop steps up to the plate and pledges to stand behind their high quality work.

In regards to this particular job, the customer called into The Spokane Shop after hearing from a friend about Kon’s work. He wasn’t sure if Kon had previously worked on RV’s but decided to give him a call and find out. As it turns out, Kon has had years of experience with working with large automobiles ranging from RVs to city buses. The customer was convinced and decided to invest in upgrading his RV. He previously thought he could at least get the decals off completely so as to give the RV a clean look but only managed to partially remove them. The problem with RV owners trying to do their own decal improvements is that they lack the time and skill to properly remove the decals that were designed to stay. The Spokane Shop has special tools and years of experience in detailing surfaces and removing the layers of old decals.

The challenge with adding Decals to an RV are primarily centered on the detailing before the application of the graphics themselves. To ensure a quality bond, The Spokane Shop clears away the old decals and starts creating the perfect surface to which the decals will bond. The decals are designed and printed beforehand with the customer giving the final approval. The exciting process is in the creation and designing of the graphics. The customer has the option to choose and customize their choice of designs, all under the helpful guidance and advice of a Spokane Shop associate. Depending in your design choice, The Spokane Shop is able to project how the decals will look before the actual application, giving you the chance to see your creation before its finalized. When all is said and done, the process from start to finish takes about three day.

When the labels came, the RV was detailed and placed in a controlled environment where Kon and his team set to work. In order to produce a product that would withstand the abuse of the road and weather, Kon orders the highest quality decals to make sure his customers don’t have to worry about fading or cracking for many years to come. The application requires the skill of professional hands which is exactly what The Spokane Shop offers.

The Shop has nearly two decades of experience in working with customizing various add-ons to automobiles, ranging from window tinting to decals. In this case, the RV owner was also given the option of installing a Clear Bra on the front of his RV. A Clear Bra is a virtually invisible plastic shield that is applied to the body of the car to prevent it from getting scratches and rock chips. It’s a favorite option to those who commute often and want their cars to look new for many years. Also, the Clear Bra is a must add-on to those who take pride in their classic rides. All the services that are offered by The Spokane Shop are covered with the best warranty in the industry. The reason for this being the professionals at the shop have the skill and time to do it right and make it last.

Window tinting is a specialty of The Spokane Shop. No one can window tint like Kon and his team and with all the positive reviews, it’s an easy choice for those who are looking for car window tinting. Best place to tint windows in Spokane is right here at The Spokane Shop. The mirror tint that The Spokane Shop uses differs from the cheap tinting that other places offer. If you are unawares, you can get billed as if you’re paying for top quality tints but in reality are buying metal tints which in turn will not block heat and interfere with your wireless devices. You also need to consider the laws that regulate the window tinting business and with The Spokane Shop, you can rest assured that they will explain everything to you in a clear, concise manner.

You’ll find no better place in Spokane where skill and the desire to create quality work meets when it comes to the work that The Spokane Shop does. Give them a call, and before you know it, you’ll be rolling off the checkered floor in your new and improved ride!

Mercedes CLA 250: Clear Bra Protection


Here at The Spokane Shop, we pride in taking our craft and skill and improving the look of your car. Recently we had a customer easily set up an appointment and bring in their Mercedes to find out how he can protect his car and keep it looking new. His problem was a common one, his Mercedes with over 11k miles, had lots of small scratches and rock chips on the body. He wanted to protect the car from any additional road damage. He came to the right place!

Who says you can’t avoid rock chips? Clearly, they haven’t been to The Spokane Shop where we have developed a system to apply a nearly invisible film of clear plastic on the body of your car, protecting it from anything the crazy roads have to offer. The customer who brought in his Mercedes wanted to make sure that his investment would remain intact with no more rocks chips denting his image. The Spokane Shop applied the Clear Bra solution to the entire hood, along with the bumper, fenders, side mirrors and the rocker panels. Now the Mercedes can go 0-60 in under 7 seconds without the fear of any rock chips slowing it down. Notice the sleek side view mirrors and how Kon Shiva works with the car to retain its natural beauty while protecting the design. Did I mention the CLA Mercedes is the most aerodynamic car on the road today? With a drag coefficient of only .23, this beautiful beast can fly down the roads all the while being protected by an invisible force – the Clear Bra.

When the customer brought in his Mercedes, he was surprised at our low prices which range from $597 to $1897. He didn’t know you can protect your investment for a portion of the cost of a new body and have a lifetime warranty on it! That’s right; our two high end packages come with LIFETIME damage replacement warranty. Do you know what that means? It means Kon Shiva stands behind his work no matter what happens while you’re on the road. It also doesn’t matter who’s at fault, you just bring it right back and The Spokane Shop replaces the clear bra protection for FREE! Can’t beat a deal like that! Here at The Spokane Shop, you’re not just a customer; you become a lifelong friend who can come back any day for a tune up. Keep this in mind when looking at our different packages that we offer, whether it’s for Clear Bra or, Plasti Dip.

Do you offer any additional protection solutions? You bet! The Spokane Shop also offers a service called Plasti Dip which enables you to give your car a new color while coating the entire body in a protective sheet of rubber. You can check it out here.

Always remember, High Class Cars deserve High Class Care, and where better to get it than at The Spokane Shop?

Boat: Clear Bra


When enjoying a ride on the water, it’s hard not to notice the shiniest and newest looking boats. If you think that those boats are shiny looking because they are new, you might just be wrong! The Spokane Shop is known for taking a boat, installing their unique Clear Bra and Paint Protection Film and giving that boat an eternal youthful look. Continue reading to see what goes on behind the scenes of The Spokane Shop and their power of preservation.

The_Spokane_Shop recently had a customer come in asking for help with a common problem. His boat was drastically losing the new look every time he took it out. The towing and constant movement was beginning to show and the constant maintenance on the aluminum was making him start to doubt his choice of style. This wasn’t the first time The Spokane Shop was responding to similar complaints and it’s not the first time they were able to stop all corrosion with their technologically advanced Paint Protection Film.

The Spokane Shop has long been addressing the problem of boats slowly losing their glow and shine from all the wear and tear. The constant barrage of towing and speeding over endless waves leaves clear signs of use. That’s where The Spokane Shop steps in with a solution before you ever have that problem. With today’s technology of 3M Paint Protection Film, The Spokane Shop can take your boat and wrap it in protective and virtually invisible 3M Clear Bra to fully protect and preserve your boats designs and metals. Without this protection, your metal parts will start to rust and your hull will start a collection of scratches and chips. All this can easily be avoided by simply giving The Spokane Shop a call and scheduling an appointment to get your boat custom fitted with the Paint Protection Film.

The Spokane Shop has been in business for years and is continuing to win over the hearts of the townspeople of Spokane. With over 18 years of experience in the detailing industry, you can rest assured your investment of boat or car will be treated with utmost professionalism and care. You can stop worrying about the sparkling aluminum on your boat getting stained and the scratches that come with years of use and start enjoying your boat like you did on the first day you took it out on the water.

Schedule an appointment today and get ready to be amazed by the professional quality and care that you will experience.

Triumph Bike: Custom Graphics

For all you bikers out there, winter is the perfect time to get your bike out of storage, and get it ready for the next riding season. That’s exactly what we had a customer do recently at The Spokane Shop when he brought in his prized Triumph. Seeing as winter had set in and riding was out of the question, it was the perfect time to get the bike upgraded for when the sun would once again bless Spokane with long days of summer.

In this case, the customer was looking to add decals to his ride. Spokane Decals at the Spokane Shop is the best place around for getting the best custom fitted graphics for your ride. The Spokane Shop is acclaimed by its customers as having a standard of professionalism that surpasses many businesses. Along with their friendly staff, Kon offers the best warranty in the industry giving customers peace of mind and a great deal for any work they decide to get done.

The customer who brought in his motorcycle had taken the time to give his ride a new look. During the winter he installed new leather seating, had the body repainted and installed LED lights. For the final touch, he brought in his Triumph to get a custom graphic for it, in this case, a single Black Carbon racing stripe. Here at The Spokane Shop, you have the option of choosing color and design and Kon will help you in finding the best fit. In this case the customer didn’t want something too outlandish but still something with plenty of contrast so anyone could see the custom job. At the end of the process, the bike with its new seats, paint, LED light and Graphic created a masterpiece of a beast that screamed style and uniqueness.

It is worth mentioning that the Spokane Graphics aren’t the standard ones that every other shop carries. The Spokane Shop has been in business for nearly two decades and has been able to find the best quality decal material there is for your car or motorcycle. Without the proper material or proper application, decals don’t last long and tend to peal/crack/fade under different weather. However, by finding the best quality decals, Kon is able to offer the best warranty knowing that his work will last for many years compared to the cheap, low quality decals at other places.

The plethora of good reviews and return customers speaks highly of the business. Kon is a person you can trust who is on your side when it comes to long lasting, custom works of art. Call today to set up an easy appointment at The Spokane Shop and get ready to be amazed at the service you receive from Vehicle Wraps to custom graphics.

Cadillac: Window Tinting

The Spokane Shop was visited once again by a customer with a story about theft. Windows that are easy to see through are prime targets for looters who are looking to sell things at pawn shops. It’s easy to walk by windows that are untinted and look inside a vehicle in search of valuables. In this case, a gentlemen’s prized golf clubs were stolen. This customer is an avid golfer and never leaves his house without his bag of clubs being somewhere within reach. Recently, the clubs found a suitable space in the back of the Cadillac SUV where they were always available, and unfortunately always visible. Without the proper protection installed, those golf clubs were soon in the prized possession of a looter.

In order to professionally deter thefts from cars, the optimal option is getting window tinting. Spokane Window Tinting has long been known not only to create fashionable and stylish contrasts with your car body but also being able to almost completely block anyone from the outside from being able to see into your vehicle. With Window Tinting, it’s obvious when someone is trying to look into your vehicle because they’ll be cupping their hands and straining to get a look. The potential for looking suspicious already deters many individuals with ulterior motives.

The Spokane Shop wants the best for you and your car and offers different value packages to help you decide what Window Tinting works best for you. The packages range from Economy to Mind Blowing with offers the latest in technology non-metal window tint that doesn’t interfere with your cell reception or GPS signal. Other benefits of the Mind Blowing package include free upgrade to a darker tint and the renowned warranty that replaces the window and tint for FREE if they get scratched or broken. The Spokane Shop stands behind their high quality work and wants their customers to rest assured that their investment is protected.

The Spokane Shop has also recently been getting a lot of business in the form of Residential Window Tinting. Residential Window Tinting entails the process of taking the see through windows that our homes have and coating them with a wide selection of window tints that offer privacy and as a means to block the sun’s rays from ruining the interior of your house while keeping the bills low during the hot summer months. Check out the new and sought after Residential Window Tinting. The quality and skill that The Spokane Shop applies to your vehicles will also be applied to your homes. Call to schedule a hassle free appointment and prepare to be amazed!

Dodge Challenger: Window Tint


The Spokane Shop. They’re known for more than just their incredible customer service, The Spokane Shop is known of their incredible quality and art that they create when customers choose to experience the incredible benefits of Window Tinting. Window Tinting Spokane is proud to share with you another recent project that our customer was extremely proud of. She was looking to spice up her car and add a nice contrast to the glowing green. That’s not all she got though when she purchased the Mind Blowing package.

Along with the Mind Blowing package came a hassle free window and tint replacement warranty that tells the customer The Spokane Shop won’t leave them hanging. It’s vital to know that your investment into your car will be protected and you will be treated as a friend versus a customer if you ever return. That’s one of the many reasons The Spokane Shop has been as successful as it is. They take time to provide you with the latest technologically advanced window while giving you their highest quality work, all backed up with a warranty that’ll drive any other shop out of business.

The products that The Spokane Shop uses speaks a lot about the values of the company. The Spokane Shop uses various window tints based on the three different packages and offers tints that range from perfect to incredible. Perfect tints are made for looks and are a great way to make your car stand out and block some of the UV rays. Incredible tints are packed with the latest to technology to not interfere with cellphone or GPS signals and have the added benefit of blocking all UV rays along with all heat that tries to enter through the windows.

Spokane Window Tinting is popular for its many benefits that range from privacy to interior protection from UV damage. However, The Spokane Shop also deals extensively with other services, one of them being Plasti Dip also known as Car Dipping. Plasti Dip is the process of coating certain parts or the entire body of the car in a protective and safe rubber plastic. This process adds a glow to your car and protects the car from rock chips and scratches. If you’re looking to either protect your current investment, or simply upgrade to something new, Plasti Dip is the optimal option for you. Plasti Dip Spokane will meet or beat your expectations with their wide variety of colors and options. Call today to set up a hassle free appointment and experience the awe of quality and customer satisfactory work.

City Buses: Vinyl Vehicle Wraps


It takes a company with the highest professional standards and best quality work to be chosen to work with Spokane’s Global Credit Union. This time around The Spokane Shop was part of a project in which student winners of a local art contest had their work displayed on city buses. The Spokane shop was asked to bring the art to life.

The procedure of applying vehicle wraps requires utmost care to ensure that the bond between vinyl and vehicle can last up to 10 years with rugged, daily use. The entire application process takes two days and results in a breathtaking masterpiece!

When the Spokane shop was first contacted by Global Credit Union to wrap three city buses in vinyl wraps they jumped on the opportunity to impress. As soon as they received the blueprints, the three day process began of ordering the special vinyl and having it shipped to the site where it would be applied. The entire operation needs to be done in a controlled environment to ensure quality bonding. The Spokane shop first took the buses and washed and cleaned the exterior. This detailing work is followed by the application of the vinyl itself. The fun process takes a bland bus and turns it into a moving art gallery that is sure to catch everyone’s attention while on the road. Based on the artwork that was created, the buses were named Sally, Tiffany and Brat. Each unique and artistic design would tour the city and seeing as these buses would constantly be on the road the Spokane shop took significant care when installing the wraps so they can withstand any carwash they go through.

The vinyl that the Spokane shop uses is designed to withstand freezing and blazing hot weather. While other lower quality wraps will shrivel and begin to crack after a couple years, the Spokane shop invests to get the best material that will last up to 10 years with daily rugged use. Another great product that the-Spokane-Shop offers is there Paint Protection Film. This film is a barely invisible coating of clear plastic that custom fits around the body of your car to protect it from common road hazards. This is also known as the Clear Bra which is known for taking a vehicle and preserving its appearance for years by protecting the exterior from scratches and rock chips. The Spokane shop has had years of experience and the exceptional customer reviews that they’ve been getting are a great gauge for how a business is doing. Take a moment to consider how one appointment can turn the life of your investment from a few months of sparkling appearance to many years, all covered with the best in the industry warranty.

AL’s Locksmith: Vinyl Wrap


The Spokane Shop brings you another success story from the streets of Spokane! Al is a local resident who like many young creative individuals decided to start his own business. Al saw a need in having a locksmith who would be able to quickly and efficiently respond to people in need. After opening his business, Al knew that marketing was the key to getting the word out, and what better place to help him with that then The Spokane Shop!

When getting the word out, it’s important to be visible. After you get your first batch of clients you need to be able to set a new standard for your industry in things like quality, pricing, or speed. Al had it all down but just needed the marketing aspect to help him gain recognition. When he came to The Spokane Shop, Kon was able to show him the different options in which Al could advertise his business. With their fully customized features of vehicle wraps, Al was able to see how his business van would look with different designs. The Spokane Shop takes the time to design the graphics that would best contribute to the style of the business and create excited customers. It’s common knowledge that if you need custom graphics for your business the best place to get it done is at The Spokane Shop. Not only is the best quality vinyl used for vehicle wraps, but the warranty that goes along with the job is the best in the industry! By using the highest quality vinyl, The Spokane Shop is able to offer a 10 year warranty! Kon stands behind his work and wants others to succeed as he has by providing the best he can for his customers.

Al was surprised by the professional consultation he received about his marketing endeavor and the quick way in which The Spokane Shop was able to turn a dream into Reality. As you can see in the pictures, Al got what he was hoping to get by converting his bland business van into a moving billboard.

The Spokane Shop also contracts with construction workers for Residential Window Tinting to help promote their business. Residential window tinting was designed by The Spokane Shop to help residential neighbors keep their privacy and keep the harmful UV rays from entering the homes of families. Introducing products that are safe, healthy, and efficient is what The Spokane Shop is all about. Come in and see for yourself how you can give your business a boost in business at the hands of caring professionals.

Nissan Altima: Window Tints


The need for privacy is one of the fundamental desires of every human. Yes, we like to spend time with those that are close to us but when surrounded by unfamiliar places, we feel much more at ease when we have our personal bubble of privacy. The Spokane Shop knows of your needs and accommodates accordingly.

This time around a gentleman came in looking to add window tints to his Nissan Altima. After having his home windows tinted using Residential Window Tinting offered by The Spokane Shop and liking the results, the customer did research on the best wind tinting shops in Spokane that offer the best warranty and ended up at The Spokane Shop. After an easy call, an appointment was set to custom fit his Nissan Altima with window tints.

The Spokane Shop offers three different package when it comes to window tinting that fit every need. The Economy Package gets you out the door with the standard window tints that meet your basic needs for privacy. A step up is the Premium package which includes a specifically designed tint to block UV rays and has the option of upgrading to a darker tint. Next and final is the Mind Blowing Package that offers the newest and most technologically advanced, non-metal window tints that block all heat waves and don’t interfere with any wireless signals on your devices. This package is suited best for cars that are technologically advanced and for those people who want to rest assured that their tint job is covered 100% for free replacement if there’s any damage to it. Kon will even replace the glass for free if down the road it breaks, no matter who’s at fault! It’s because of warranties like these The Spokane Shop is growing daily in loyal customers who wouldn’t want anyone else to do there tints.


For Spokane Window Tinting, there’s no better place than The Spokane Shop. The Nissan Altima got the best window tint job and in addition to the privacy aspect, the car looks much nicer and has the added touch of a cooler ride with the UV blocking tints installed. Overall, the customer was extremely satisfied knowing that this investment was a wise one that would last a lifetime. Call Kon today to see what packages best suits your needs and be ready to be pleasantly surprised by the friendless and professional work that comes with being in the business for over 18 years.